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Some useful notes from the mailing list.

The following translations are off the top of my head and a few quick trips to the dictionary. If there is any interest, I will work harder to make better translations. I did the "what we concede" part only. Anyone else who knows Spanish is welcome to join in, but it would probably be prefereable to do this on a page in the wikipedia format so there could be proper accents.

Tom Parmenter Ortolan88

Presento mis excusas antes leer a todos el mundo hispanohablante.

|From: Daniel Mayer <> |Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 14:42:34 -0700 | |Here is a run-down of what I feel should be the ground rules for negotiation.

Aqui es un resumen de que quiero deber las reglas fundamental para negociacion.

|What we concede;

Lo concedemos

|1) Make sure this is done in Spanish

I'm not sure what do you mean here

Hay que todo en castellano

makes even less sense

|2) Ask them what we need to do in order to get them back into the Wikipedia |community.

?Que necesitamonos hacer para que vuelvan a la comunidad Wikipedia?

|3) Promise that we will never have any ads.

Prometemos que nunca tendremos anunciados comerciales

|4) We will strive to make Wikipedia as non-U.S./English-centric as possible |and ask them what we should do in order to accomplish this.

No esforzaremos por hacer Wikipedia tan no US/Ingles-centrica come sea posible, y preguntamos que debemos hacer para lograr esto.

|5) Explain the benefits of being part of the more general Wikipedia community |(inter-language links that work both ways, publicity, cross-traffic |and cross-collaboration and contributions)

Hay muchas ventajas ser participantes juntos en la comunidad Wikipedia general (los enlaces bilingues, publicidad para el proyecto, trafico entre wikipedias, colaboracion cruzada.

|6) State that we have no intention of ever removing but we |could point that URL to the Seville server is they wish to stay on that |server.

No tenemos intenciones de eliminar, pero podriamos apuntar ese URL al "server" sevillano si prefieren permanecer ahi.

7) Make .org the default for all language projects. I realize that this means getting Phase III rolled out on all the Wikipedias, as the internal link names need to be changed.

What we want; 1) Have them formally rejoin our project by changing their primary name back to Wikipedia or a convenient Spanish version of that word ("Huiquipedia" maybe).

Is this really necesary? I don't remember the conclusion of the discussion about this. --Anon
Your presumption is incorrect. The above is just my own ideas and is only being presented as my own ideas. Everything is still being discussed. --maveric149

2) For them to use Phase III software. 3) Provide inter-language links to all Wikipedia language projects. 4) For them to use Intl-wiki-L. 5) Update their about page to remove misleading statements about Wikipedia, especially the English Wikipedia.

If negotiations break-down; We set-up with Phase III and ignore EL. OR We set-up with Phase III and provide el: inter-language links to their project.

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