Given a way to prioritise which papers should be cited, how can we find editors that might be interested in inserting information into articles?

Papers will have some amount of metadata describing their topic, which will vary in precision from publisher to publisher, and between subject areas - but in principle, we can associate papers with keywords.

Editors show interests in topics in the following ways:

  • Participating in Wikiprojects
  • Participating in article talk pages
  • Userboxes
  • Editathons?
  • Other?

It would be possible to generate a regularly updated hitlist of papers for any keyword or combination of keywords. These can be used to provide prioritised tasks for a taskforce. We could tailor these for wikiprojects, and editors could subscribe and have it delivered using something like


SuggestBot is a program that attempts to help Wikipedia users find pages to edit based on their past contributions:

Community OutreachEdit

9 Dec 2014 I posted to various community locations asking for ideas and feedback: