So, an editor has found the most significant papers in their area of interest. How do we make it convenient for them to integrate these into articles? We must design a good template.

  • title and abstract, to make summarisation easy.
  • link to paper
  • pre-formatted ref link with correct citation style, so they can just copy and paste
  • feedback buttons; "this paper is already cited", "this paper seems unrelated to the keywords", "this paper doesn't seem significant enough to cite".
  • mission accomplished button!

I've recently been thinking that a simple web interface may be a cheap and user friendly way to achieve this, as well. EdSaperia (talk) 21:23, 31 March 2014 (UTC)

Citation FormattingEdit

  • Zotero gives citation details from URLs
  • Citoid is a visual editor extension that uses Zotero to insert citation tags.