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Medical Wikipedia (also known as WikiMed) is a mobile app providing offline access to Wikipedia's health content. Built on Kiwix and supported by Wiki Project Med Foundation and Wikimedia Switzerland, the app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is available in several languages. The app includes medicine, anatomy, medication, and sanitation articles. All versions of the app are free and available for download below!

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Medical Wikipedia is a mobile app which provides offline access to health information on Wikipedia. It is an instance of the Wikipedia arm of Kiwix.

On June 10th, 2015 Wiki Project Med Foundation and Wikimedia Switzerland launched an android app that contains all of the English Wikipedia's health care content: including medical, anatomy, medication, physiology, dentistry, and sanitation related articles as tagged by the respective WikiProjects. Since then, further language versions have followed. All versions of the app are available for download on en:Google Play. In 2018 an English-language WikiMed app was launched in the en:Microsoft Store by Kiwix: this app can be installed on all Windows 10 devices (PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox). For other operating systems, a two step process is required.

This page is for collaboration to improve the existing versions and to launch new versions. The introduction page for the English app is at Textbook of Medicine

Language download links for Android phones Edit

See what it looks like HERE

The existing language versions of the app can be downloaded at these links from Google Play:

  1. Download the app in Arabic (AR)
  2. Download the app in German (DE)
  3. Download the app in English (EN)
  4. Download the app in Spanish (ES)
  5. Download the app in Persian (FA)
  6. Download the app in French (FR)
  7. Download the app in Japanese (JA)
  8. Download the app in Odia (OR) (also spelled Oriya or Odiya)
  9. Download the app in Portuguese (PT)
  10. Download the app in Modern Standard Chinese (ZH)

Smaller versionEdit

  1. Download the smaller EN version


A version with video is avaliable as of July 2017. To get this version:

  1. First download the Kiwix app
  2. Then download this zim

Store link for Windows 10 devices Edit

  1. Download the app in English (EN)

For other languages, see instructions in the About tab of the above app, or if you do not want the English-language archive at all, install the small generic Kiwix JS app and download your preferred language archive directly in the app from the Settings page.

The above Windows 10 apps can be installed on a microSD card: simply change the install location in Settings -> Storage.

Other operating systemsEdit

Other operating systems click here

  • For Windows versions prior to Windows 10: [1]
  • For iOS first download Kiwix (requires iOS version 10.0.0 or higher) then download the language ZIM you wish
    • There is also a standalone iOS app «WikiMed» available in the Apple app store (English only).

Browser add-ons:

Moving to SD cardEdit

I believe that this will work from an SD card as well. You put the small Kiwix software on the main data space and then the ZIM on the SD.

Data filesEdit

All ZIMs here

  • To download the English (EN) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Portuguese (PT) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Chinese (ZH) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Arabic (AR) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Spanish (ES) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Persian (FA) ZIM file click here
  • To download the French (FR) ZIM file click here

18 official languages of IndiaEdit

Future workEdit

Future plans include:

  • download better quality images when clicked on
  • ability to add larger pictures than thumbnail
  • ability to save data to an sd card
  • add en:WP:MCB, WP:Physiology, WP:VetMed, WP:Neuroscience, en:WP:Dentistry
  • allow people to download just the topic areas they want
  • allow direct sharing between phones[4]