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Interested participantsEdit

Are you interested in participating? Please sign here, so we can get a better idea of how to best plan/accommodate!

  • Jessie Wild
  • Nikhilsheth (talk) (but no clue how to get there!)
  • AshLin (talk). Interested in coming but for health reasons will not be available. My very best wishes for the function. Will eagerly await the online streaming feeds or YouTube videos.
  • Adam Wight
  • Stephen. Interested but did not make it to Wikimania. Live streams would do or collaborations via an etherpad.
  • ...

General meetingEdit

A general proposal for the Offline Wikipedia meet-up is submitted to the Wikimania site:

In-depth meetingEdit

The need to develop the strategy of the offline Wikipedia work transcends an hour long workshop, and therefore it would be helpful to plan something for more time. Proposal:


July 10–11 - Wikimania Hackathon

Available/Very likely
  1. User:Jwild
  2. User:Ckepper
  3. Manuel Schneider(bla) (+/-)
  4. User:He!ko
Not available
  1. User:Kelson
  2. User:Rgaudin

Alternate date proposals If you are unable to attend the dates listed above, please suggest an alternate time

SF Bay Area

An open invitation, please make a note here if you will be in the San Francisco area and can be available to meet. Adamw (talk) 00:24, 11 March 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]




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