Offline Projects/Offline Editorship


Offline reader software packages lack the ability to edit. The wiki concept should not be abandoned even in this seemingly marginal use case. Collaboration becomes possible from any remote situation, really interesting applications include a small community's school contributing back to Wikipedia, or scientists who use a wiki to coordinate their work.


Note that these approaches are exclusive.

  1. Browser-based editing saves to an HTML5 cache
  2. Alternative to mediawiki page rendering
  3. Edit mode for Kiwix

Browser strategyEdit

This is an appealing direction because it would be easy to run on smart phones.

Edit mode for KiwixEdit

Presents the same problems as the browser editor, the presentation markup is not simple to map back onto wikimarkup. Microdata-style markup might be able to capture templates and their arguments.

Alternative frontendEdit

We could use an intermediate markup that was more processor efficient. Python or javascript?