Offline Projects/Distribution/Map editing

To edit the Offline Distribution Map, do the follow:

  1. Go to the Offline Distribution Map
  2. Click the "Edit" button which should be just to the top right of map title
  3. Add the Placemark[1] to the map one of two ways:
    1. Go to "search map" option and typing in the location you want to add. When the result comes up, click "Save to" option" and select "Wikipedia Offline Distribution."
    2. Zoom into the location of your distribution, and then click the Placemark icon to add a placemark.
  4. Once the Placemark is there, double click the placemark on the map
  5. Add the following information and/or other information you think is relevant (note: you can do this by clicking the "Rick Text" option and adding bullet points:
   * Number of offline distributions:
   * Number impacted: 
   * Content:
   * Language: 
   * Contact:
   * Other/notes: