Offensive content/sj-proposal

Part of an old discussion about offensive content.

A proposal: A two-pronged effort.

  1. Provide an NPOV way to tag pages and media (see example list[s] below), and offer default preferences that process tagged content in natural ways ('no nudity or sex media'; 'only links to violent media'; etc). This could be done via inclusion of an appropriate template in an article or media-description, on save (that is, when the page is saved with such a template in it, a flags column is updated in a db somewhere), and then included in rendered pages as css classes.
    • To avoid subtle vandalism, it might make sense only to offer this for media, not for whole pages.
  2. Provide a way for an editor to hide a section of a page by default, with given text for the "show hidden content" link.
    • for instance: There is much debate surrounding the book's controversial ending {{hide:(plot spoiler)|The end of the book is seen by many as its [[fatal flaw]]. The sudden unexplained disappearance of Marge's brother may have been intended as a commentary on his early life, or the completion of some other story thread, from the book's lost introduction; however, literary experts such as [[Marcel Dupre]] suggeset it was the result of being under deadline pressure.}} would render as <a href="[...]">(plot spoiler)</a>", a link which would refresh the page but show the spoiler. There could be multiple such hidden blocks of content on a single page.

example list of keywordsEdit

Here are suggested categories. They are preceded by a relevant ICRA tag where one exists. For example, "nf=1 sex-expl" means that the category "sex-expl" would correspond to <ICRA nf=1></ICRA> Note that roughly half of these categories already exist in some form (and many have subcategories, though sometimes not very cleanly delineated ones. See for instance "topless women showing armpits")

Nudity and Sex [n]
nf=1 sex-expl   Explicit sexual acts
nh=1 sex-touch  Visible sexual touching
ng=1 sex-impl   Obscured or implied sexual acts
na=1 gen-expl   Male and female genitals, in detail
na=1 gen-erect  Erections
nb=1 gen-m	Male genitals
nc=1 gen-f	Female genitals
nd=1 breast	Female breasts
ne=1 barebutt   Bare buttocks
ni=1 passion    Passionate kissing

     n-art	nudity in an artistic context
     n-edu	nudity in an educational context
     n-med	nudity in a medical context

Violence [v]
va=1 rape       Rape
va=1 sex        Sexual violence
ve=1 killing    Killing of human beings
vb=1 gore       Blood and gore, human beings
vh=1 injury     Deliberate injury to human beings
vc=1 gore-anim  Blood and gore, animals
vd=1 gore-fant  Blood and gore, fantasy / animated characters  
vf=1 kill-anim  Killing of animals
vg=1 kill-fant  Killing of fantasy / animated characters 
vi=1 inj-anim   Deliberate injury to animals
vj=1 inj-fant   Deliberate injury to fantasy / animated characters 
vk=1 destruction Deliberate damage to objects

     v-art     violence in an artistic context
     v-edu     violence in an educational context
     v-med     violence in a medical context 
     v-sport   violence in a sports context

Language [l]
la=1 l-sex     Explicit sexual language
lb=1 l-prof    Profanity
     l-spoil   Spoilers

Other [o]	
oa=1 tobacco   Promotion of tobacco use
ob=1 alcohol   Promotion of alcohol use
oc=1 drugs     Promotion of other drug use
od=1 gambling  Gambling
oe=1 weapons   Promotion of weapon use
of=1 bigotry   Promotion of discrimination or harm against people
og=1 o-badex   Other material that might set a bad example for young children
oh=1 o-disturb Other material that might be disturbing 

nz=1 n-none    definitely no nudity or sexual material.
vz=1 v-none    definitely no violence.
lz=1 l-none    definitely no offensive language
oz=1 o-none    definitely none of the above

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