Volunteering for OTRS

The OTRS team always welcomes new volunteers to help with answering tickets. Nonetheless, to ensure the quality of service and given the confidential nature of the work, there is a selective application procedure.

The OTRS administrators are a group of highly-trusted and experienced volunteers who assess your application to join the OTRS team. When assessing an application, they familiarize themselves with your work on the Wikimedia projects to ensure that you are suitable as an addition to the OTRS team. It therefore takes some time before you receive a response regarding your application.

How do I volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering, please read OTRS/Recruiting for information about what the job entails. Feel free to join #wikimedia-otrsconnect to ask any questions that you might have with regard to Wikimedia OTRS. Before applying, please ensure that you are:

Please review the list of queues prior to submitting your application, and apply for all of those queues where you think you'd be able to help.

  • The OTRS team is especially interested in users who are entrusted with any special tools on local projects (sysop, bureaucrat, checkuser, etc.), though this is not an absolute requirement.
  • Please also add links to help desk posts, talk pages, or other discussions you think are relevant.
  • Language skills — other than English — are also highly appreciated. Additional help in language queues is greatly needed and we'd like to know if you are able to help in any other language.
  • If you already have access to OTRS, and you'd like to get access to additional queues, you typically don't need to apply here. Ask on otrswiki:Administrator requests instead.
  • Permissions queues: users that already have strong knowledge of and experience with copyright issues, like administrators or license reviewers on Wikimedia Commons, are highly appreciated and invited to volunteer. Users without such skills should apply for info queues instead.
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If you'd like to volunteer for the info-de queue, please apply locally by following the instructions at de:Wikipedia:Support-Team#Mitarbeit im Support-Team.

Dutch-speaking volunteers Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of Suriname.svg

If you'd like to volunteer for the info-nl queue, please apply below and send an email to contact-nl(at)lists.wikimedia.org for the team to assess your application.

Envelope-exclamation-mark.svgPlease add your application and also send an e-mail to volunteers-otrs(at)wikimedia.org linking to your application on this page and giving your age. Please do so each time you apply.

The Squirrel ConspiracyEdit

Greetings. I was an OTRS volunteer through 2015 as Sven Manguard (talk contribs CentralAuth global count blocks). I became inactive, and thus my access to OTRS was removed.

I had initially planned on waiting a while before asking for access to OTRS again because I wanted to ease myself back into the project (and not appear like a hat hoarder), but I keep running into issues while working on file-related backlogs where not being able to see the content of OTRS tickets was a blocker or a speed bump, and since I was trusted with access before, I figured "why not just ask again?". I do intend to actually answer tickets, but I also intend to lean into that slowly, and at first use my access to aid my existing work. The Squirrel Conspiracy (talk) 08:08, 28 March 2020 (UTC)


Hi there, I am a Patroller and Rollbacker in Chinese Wikipedia. I have been contributing to Chinese Wikipedia for a while, and doing mainly maintenance-related tasks, like patrol and rollback. I mainly helping new users at the Teahouse, Telegram group (@wikipedia_zh_help & @wikipedia_zh_n) and IRC (#wikipedia-zh-help). Thank you for your consideration.--Borschts Talk 06:08, 30 March 2020 (UTC)

  • Support,this user can be trusted .He is very nice and like to help people. --SickManWP (talk) 06:47, 31 March 2020 (UTC)