OTRS/Kebijakan aktivitas

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Access to OTRS facilities such as the ticketing system, wiki, and mailing lists are granted for the primary purpose of responding to emails and inquiries (“tickets”) sent to the general information addresses of the Wikimedia projects. Agent accounts are created and maintained in accordance with the OTRS access policy.

With the exception of ex officio access to private queues for chapters, oversight teams, Wikimedia Foundation staff, and the like, access to the general queues will only be granted as long as the agent remains actively involved in response or management of those tickets. Access to the system solely for viewing tickets or verifying existing permissions is not an acceptable reason to hold an account.

OTRS administrators have access to several reports that analyze agent, ticket and system use and activity, which are regularly used to identify and close inactive accounts.

Keeping only active users in the system serves a dual purpose of (1) improving the security of the system and (2) maintaining morale through a clear understanding of workload distribution, actual active agents and any need for further agent recruitment.

With that in mind the following guidelines apply to all accounts except otherwise noted in the Access policy:

  • OTRS accounts may be disabled after six months of inactivity. Inactivity for this purpose is defined as no evidence of ticket-related responses or other valid activity for which continued access is needed. Users will be notified via email of the closure of their account.
  • As a courtesy, the OTRS administrators generally send a reminder email to agents who have not logged in for one month and/or have not answered a ticket in three months of their inactivity.
  • OTRS administrators also periodically review those agents who occasionally log in but do not answer tickets, or who repeatedly come up in the inactivity reports to determine whether access is still needed.

Pengurus OTRS hanya memilih agen OTRS yang sangat mereka percayai untuk mewakili proyek-proyek Wikimedia.

Menutup akun OTRS karena tidak aktif tidak memengaruhi kepercayaan ini. Oleh karena itu, pengguna yang terkena dampak dipersilakan untuk mengajukan permohonan kembali melalui proses normal di OTRS/Volunteering jika mereka ingin menjadi aktif kembali.

Pendaftaran ulang akan ditinjau ulang untuk memastikan agen itu masih merupakan kandidat yang cocok untuk diberikan akses OTRS dan untuk menentukan tingkat akses akun yang akan dibuka kembali untuk diberikan kepadanya.