NonFreeWiki/Demo/File page with no fair use rationales

File:Titanic poster.jpg

This is a Commons file, but it is used here as an example, in place of the poster mentioned at NonFreeWiki. A copyright image cannot be used here because it is not a fair use and it would be counter-intuitive to the proposal.
This file[1] cannot be used on any another Wiki until a fair use rationale[2] is provided for each intended usage.
Click here to add a fair use rationale.[3]


  • The file summary would go here.[4]


  • The file license would go here.[5]

File history

  • The file history would go here.[6]

File usage on other wikis

  • This would be an empty section because the file is not allowed to be used elsewhere yet.[7]


These notes would not be part of the file page but are provided for reference purposes.

  1. This light is red because no fair use rationale has been provided. If a fair use rationale is provided and the appropriate article is linked, then this light would change to green or yellow. If the only usage is on more "lenient" wikis, e.g. the English Wikipedia, then the light would be green here and at the bottom of the page. If there is at least one usage on a wiki with a more restrictive policy, e.g. Catalan Wikipedia, then the top light would be yellow, whilst yellow or green lights would be used next to each file usage in the bottom section. Once a yellow-light usage has been checked by a reviewer or admin, it will turn the light blue in the section at the bottom. For similar examples, see Commons license review and the Proofreading/Validation system used on Wikisource. If all yellow-lights at the bottom have been checked then the light at the top will also turn blue.
  2. The link is to English Wikipedia as an example, but in a real file page the link would be to the appropriate page on NonFreeWiki.
  3. The link would open a pro-forma page to make it as simple as possible.
  4. This could use either the {{Information}} templates or a rationale template or a combination.
  5. Since these would be unfree files, the licensing would be similar to en:WP:Category:Wikipedia non-free file copyright tags.
  6. This would be generated automatically as with all files.
  7. This would also be generated automatically if and when the file is used elsewhere.