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Wikimedians in New England

New England Wikimedians is a Wikimedian user group representing all Wikimedians in New England, recognized on December 30, 2013.

This user group provides outreach and assistance to individuals and groups in the New England region who are interested in hosting Wikimedia-related events such as group discussions and edit-a-thons.

Events edit


Wikimedians from Boston and the surrounding area meet most months, typically in casual get-togethers over food, to talk about all things Wikimedia and beyond. We also organize and attend special events, like talks from distinguished speakers, edit-a-thons, photo scavenger hunts, and collaborations with local cultural institutions. For thoughts about the future of the group, including plans for major future events, see the New England Wikimedians website.

Please sign up for an upcoming event, add a future event, fill out details, or link to pictures of earlier events! Connect with other local Wikimedians, or stop by and find out what Wikimedia is about! The Boston group has met since at least 2004.

Events are also discussed on the group mailing list and our page.

Upcoming edit

  • Boston Rock City: Explore Wikidata and Learn About Local Music: Boston Public Library is partnering with Harvard Library for a guided exploration of Wikidata and local music history. Join us for two days of music and Wikidata editing; no prior experience or punk cred necessary! This public event is free to all and will take place via Zoom; please register in advance. The subject of this project is the Arthur Freedman Collection, and audiovisual archive that captures over four decades of Boston rock music performances. We’ll provide: instructions, tools, data sources, visualizations, optional Discord chat, and a soundtrack. If you have questions, please contact Harvard Library staff member Peter Laurence at

For recent events, see Wikipedia:Meetup/Boston

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