NEH Reference materials grant application/Staff

Alterego has picked up this task. Here are the requirements:

Identify the project's staff, including consultants and other staff hired for the project. Describe their duties and their qualifications for those duties. Indicate the amount of time that the principal members of the project's staff will devote to the project. All people directly involved in the conduct of the project, whether paid for by NEH or cost-sharing, must be named in the budget along with their anticipated time commitments. If the project has an advisory board, list their names and affiliations, and explain the board's function. Provide two page résumés for major project staff and all consultants in the appendices.

We would like as many of the Board of Trustees, Bureaucrats, and developers to submit a résumé as possible.

If you are interested in helping us earn this $500,000 grant please send your resume to