NEH Reference materials grant application/Logframe


  • Increase access to information about humanities and arts
    • Provided solely by our distribution mechanism; 'libraries' continue to do a good job of making non-"open content" material accessible
  • Develop an open-content corpus of humanities and arts information to counteract the counterproductive effects of increasingly deathless copyright law on the efficient propagation of good reference material.
    • How do we make this case? It's a tough question.


  1. Compile x articles in the fields of xxx
  2. Review articles for content
    How? We completely flaunt current best-practices standards when it comes to editorial policy and review; and this is one of the main criteria for evaluating these applications.
  3. Compile articles into collections (wikireaders)
  4. Distribute materials (how?)
    How indeed! This is expensive and infrastructure-intensive.


  1. Comprehensive resources exist in open format.
  2. Materials are distributed in ways that give access to (who?)


  1. Free and open content available under the GFDL.
  2. xxx People have access to this material.
  3. xxx people have an opportunity to contribute and learn through the process.
    Something we should emphasize more - both education and conveying the spirit of active contribution