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Family no phone Zones

Looking around at the technology that has surrounded all of us on a daily basis. I have discovered we now have to create a balance in our lives. The meer fact that we are social creatures yet no one rarely put down the phone tablets computers ect. We engage on short meaningless conversations. The shear emotions of being human are starting to become obsolete. My recommendations to finding a solution to the growing problem is to have no phone zones or shall I be more technical. electronic devices that deviate from personal interaction.
This may come as surprise to some that the average person types more that actually speaks nowadays. 

How about introduce programs starting at restaurants. Where we offer tax incentives to these establishments that have this honor system to put down the devices have a dinner with loved ones without reaching for the electronics. If given opportunity for enhancing the family comes into existence then we may be able to strengthen families around the world. We should have programs designed to give families who participate in these programs at night out. Extra value coupons even a meal on the house program. Rewards for conversation intellectual true meaningful interactions. Bringing us back to the Roots should be a name for this program.

Communication is the key factor in this idea. Sharing ideas face to face opens a world to get back to the roots as well as gives us a chance to reflect on ourselves and family. Connecting not just technology but connecting emotions to the technology is the idea behind this program. Family no phone zone reorientation plan. Bringing the Root of Families back just for a moment. Afterall the tree has to have healthy roots Trunks branches and leaves. Let us all adopt this concept. For a stronger foundation. (Wp.Smiley (talk) 01:45, 12 July 2019 (UTC)).[reply]