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How is it known?
Wikimedia CAT

While waiting for approval as a chapter our operative name is Amical Viquipèdia.

Vision, mission, purpose, goalEdit

Why does it exist?
The association was created to facilitate the activities we where already doing in support of the wikimedia projects. The purpose is to promote and support wikimedia projects outside Internet in our territory.


About when did it first come together and which are the key events in its story?
The decission of creating the association was taken in a Wikipedia meeting held in Barcelona in the premises of the National Library of Catalonia on the 19th of July, 2008. On 20th of July, 2008 mailed the ChapCom announcing our will of becoming a Chapter and asking for advice. From then we have been promoting and supporting wikimedia projects in our territory and in paral·lel fullfiling the steps to get the recognition as a Chapter.

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What has it done so far?
Google translated montly summary of activities from march 2009.

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How much money it's raised/spent


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