Movement roles project/Feedback/Sue Gardner (summary)



covered by current targets

  • Develop a mission statement / charter for all chapter orgs [covered by the proposed Charter for all formal movement groups]
  • Release a statement reaffirming the mission of the Wikimedia movement, and calling on all players to work harmoniously and productively in pursuit of our common goals. [something we are planning, related to the Charter]
  • Recommend the establishment of a "friends of Wikimedia" status to help groups indicate their support for or affiliation with Wikimedia without getting deeply involved. Include a mission statement for these groups. [may be covered by Associations; but does this suggestion mean to include friendly free-culture websites?]
  • Endorse/define a group to asssess chapter performance, responsible for making recommendations on chapter health and chapter status to the Board. Alternately, propose another way to address the issue of accountability and monitoring. [may be covered by the Accountability + auditing proposal]

other ideas

  • Gather professional experiences with other global non-profit networks, and Jon's personal views on how Movement Roles challenges should be resolved
  • Create high-level principles to guide movement fundraising, and reach agreement about them. [specific suggestions offered as an example]
  • Endorse/define a [temporary] council of Global South Wikimedians, to have a say in 'internal' and chapter-level discussions, including at the chapters meeting and in meta-discussions such as this one. This would be a short-term mitigation of our current imbalance in representation from the global south in discussions across the board.
  • Endorse/define an entity to investigate major cross-language/cross-project issues, visible and accountable to the global community, and responsible for making recommendations to the community/ies. These issues would include things such as the decline in editors. Alternately, propose another way to address these issues.