Movement roles project/Annual planning cycle

We recommend implementing a shared annual planning cycle for Wikimedia groups, to bridge 5-year strategic planning and annual allocation of resources. By creating an aligned annual planning cycle, movement groups will be better positioned to work together to achieve strategic goals and movement resources can be allocated effectively using the information that annual plans provide.

Proposed annual planning working groupEdit

The annual planning task force would review movement goals reflectively and transparently. This group will schedule the movement-wide planning cycle; recommend resource allocation to different wikimedia groups; and broadly consider the movement's progress towards strategic goals, resource allocation, and tradeoffs. The group should include members from the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia groups, and volunteers; and it should include people with key skills such as strategic analysis and financial and forecasting.

Proposed criteria for allocating resourcesEdit

Each year the annual planning working group will set resource-allocation criteria within the framework of the 5-year strategic goals. It can then consider where to focus resources and compare options: which proposals will likely achieve results effectively and efficiently.