Movement roles project/Affiliations Committee

We recommend that the Wikimedia Foundation board create a new "Affiliations Committee", which will:

  • Address both recognition of new groups and accountability of existing groups: including helping groups grow and flourish, mentoring existing groups, supporting peer review processes, and helping groups that are having specific problems.
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding recognizing new groups or changes in group status.
  • Produce an annual state of the movement report that encompasses the activities of all these groups.

As a first step, we recommend:

  • creating a new Affiliations Committee, chaired by a board member, whose first task will be to develop policies and practices for the committee, to be presented to the Board for approval within the next three months.
    policies should address committee membership, standards for activity and transparency, and resources the committee will need to deliver an effective, efficient and helpful service, including timely support and resources from the Foundation.

The initial group should include at least one person who has been involved in the Chapters Committee in the past (to learn from experience) and one person from the Wikimedia Foundation staff.