Movement Strategy/Recommendations/Iteration 2/Community Health

There are 12 draft recommendations by the Community Health Working Group:

  1. A joint set of rules we all agree to live by (a.k.a. Code of Conduct)
  2. Redefining power structures to better serve the communities
  3. Building the leadership of the future
  4. Structure for handling conflicts- before, during and after
  5. Investing in building an inclusive global community
  6. Newcomers are a key indicator to the success of the movement
  7. “Democratizing” participation (making Wikipedia/Wikimedia everyone’s responsibility) and reducing barriers for participation
  8. Privacy and security for everyone
  9. Opening the circle: All terrain readiness
  10. Network to continually support community health
  11. Aligning resource allocation with community health goals
  12. Investing in equity-centered technologies