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In this report, Wikimedia Taiwan (WMTW) firstly looked back what we did in this decade (2011~2020). We highlighted the achievements we have which are fitted the recommendations of the Wikimedia 2030 movement strategy. In the second part of this report, we will describe what we would like to work on in 2021 and we are highly welcome for further cooperation and discussion.

Part 1 of 2 - General InformationEdit

01. Increase the Sustainability of Our MovementEdit

To make sure Wikimedia Taiwan can incubate more local community members/ leaders and distribute resources more precisely. Since 2013, Wikimedia Taiwan drafted and published several policies to clarify the sponsor and financial policy. We also translated the Wikimedia 2030 movement documents and introduce it to the Chinese Wikipedia Community.

  • 2013 – Wikimedia Taiwan set up regulation for sponsorship to allow the public to know where the donations go the detail of our spending.
  • 2016 – Wikimedia Taiwan published Financial Policy to make financial information are supervised by licensed accountants, and as transparent as possible.
  • 2016 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan keeps translating Wikimedia 2030 strategy movement documents and try our best to make our future plan fit the movement goals.
  • 2017
  1. Translated Meta-Wiki pages: 2017 Movement Strategy Process.
  2. Created Wikimedia 2030 movement pages on Chinese Wikipedia.
  3. Wikimedia Taiwan media express: “Public Statement from Wikimedia Taiwan To Endorse 2017 Wikimedia Movement Strategic Direction

02. Improve User ExperienceEdit

To promote and guide the newbies of the communities, Wikimedia Taiwan translated and create several guidances, FAQ to assist community members to communicate with newcomers.

  1. Translate File:Evaluating Wikipedia brochure zh-hant.pdf. This manual helped a lot in explaining how to qualify the quality of Wikipedia articles.
  2. Translate File:Instructor Basics How to Use Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool zh-tw.pdf
  3. Translated File:Illustrating Wikipedia brochure zh-hant.pdf
  4. Translated Wikimedia Commons page: Commons:GLAMwiki Toolset
  5. Created File:20150526 使用離線維基(草稿,台北醫學院FLYoung國際服務團).pdf (Translation: File:20150526 How to use Wikipedia offline (draft, Taipei Medical University FLYoung international service).pdf)
  6. WikiMed Taiwan imported co-writing system on HackMD and Google Docs to allow specialists can translate medical contents without knowing the Wikitext. This system improved the correction of the information also make the cooperation with specialist becomes easier and more efficiency.
  • 2017
  1. Translated Wikimedia Commons page: Commons:Montage
  2. Translated File:Illustrating Wikipedia brochure zh-hant.pdf
  3. Made traditional Chinese version of Art Feminism Advanced Lesson Plan for A Room of WikiWomen's Own communities (File:Art Feminism Advanced Lesson Plan (Traditional Chinese Ver.).pdf)

03. Provide for Safety and InclusionEdit

Youth Strategy Salon, 2019.

Wikimedia Taiwan knows that it’s impossible to run local communities without safe and positive environment. We do care about the safety and security of our community members, also their privacy. Wikimedia Taiwan also assist Wikipedians who use Mandarin as their mother tongue to report harassment/ violence cases to Trust and Safety team and translate documents of evidence from Chinese to English for them.

  • 2015
  1. Translated Meta-Wiki page: Access to nonpublic personal data policy
  2. Translate Meta-Wiki page: Grants: Friendly space expectations
  1. Regular Salon - Community Health & Roles and Responsibility
  2. Youth Strategy Salon - Diversity
  3. Youth Strategy Salon - Partnerships
  • 2020
  1. Wikimedia Taiwan published Code of Conduct Taiwan, a code of conduct (CoC) for Taiwan Wikimedia communities and we held two workshops to brainstorm and discuss the regulations with our community members.
  2. Translated Meta-Wiki page: Universal Code of Conduct (draft)
  3. Wikimedia Taiwan consulted to Hong Kong Lawyers and asking whether Hong Kong New National Security Law will influence Wikimedia movement and events or not.

04. Ensure Equity in Decision-makingEdit

Wikipedia Asian Month Postcards at Wikimedia Taiwan, 2016.

As a senior chapter in ESEAP (East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Regional Cooperation) region , Wikimedia Taiwan also participates in organizing regional meetings, assist Wikipedians to hold online events. We also spent time and effort on creating the regulation and platforms for community members to apply for grants and allow them to track their progress easily.

  • 2014 – Translated Meta-Wiki page: Chapters Dialogue
  • 2015 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan started to assist the Wikimedia movement and events in Asia, also cooperate with the user groups/ chapters in ESEAP regions to build up the bonder and partnerships.
  • 2015 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan assisted the first generation leader of Wikipedia Asian Month (WAM) to realize the idea and keeps working as the supporting affiliate of WAM.
  • 2018 – Three Wikimedia Taiwan board members participate in the preparation of ESEAP Conference 2018 and our secretary had a presentation at the conference.
  • 2019 – Participated in the preparation of ESEAP Strategy Summit 2019 and facilitate the meeting.
  • 2016 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan started to provide funding to local and thematic communities, published and clarified related policies at the same time.
  • 2016
  1. Set up the template: annual grant application form
  2. Set up the template: project grant application form
  3. Published regulation: Membership Building
  4. Published regulation: Staff policy

05. Coordinate Across StakeholdersEdit

  1. Translated Wikimedia Commons page: Commons:Wikipedians in European Parliament
  2. Launched Open Congress for Taiwan

06. Invest in Skills and Leadership DevelopmentEdit

  1. File:WMF StrategicPlan2011 (Chinese abstract)24pp.pdf
  2. File:Strategyprocess chart zh-hant.pdf
  3. Documents of Community Workshop in Taiwan
  • 2015 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan held Community Workshops several times.
  • 2017 – Wikimedia Taiwan started to let community members apply for the grant to participate in Wikimania, the scholarship-owners need to hang on the Wikimania local scholarship Report (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • 2018 – Wikimedia Taiwan created Wikipedia:Community Capacity Map on Chinese Wikipedia.

07. Manage Internal KnowledgeEdit

Wikimedia Taiwan tries to prove documentation, build up systematic information organization and encourage community members to share their knowledge/ experience.

  • 2014 to present
  1. Wikimedia Taiwan starts to send Wikimedia Taiwan Newsletter to our members, introduce local community information, international Wiki news and the latest board decisions.
  2. Wikimedia Taiwan created movement organization skill pages for community members
  • 2014
  1. SOP of Editing Meetup: introducing how to organize meetups and what organizers need to care.
  2. Provide Learning patterns abstracts catalogue, collect the samples of Learning patterns from Wikimedia Foundation and community members.
  3. Provide Learning and Evaluation on FDC Impact 2012-14 abstracts, make a brief introduction to annual grant plan
  1. Shangkuanlc, Reke (2016). Editathon Report. Meta-Wiki.
  2. Reke (2017). Work With University in 2nd Semester of 2016 Academic Year. Outreach Wiki.
  3. Reke, Li-Yun Lin, Wikimycota (2018). Apart From Search or Sort, the More Advanced Application in Wiki GLAM Programs. Meta-Wiki.
  4. Allenwang6212a, Reke, Li-Yun Lin (2019). Wikidata Taiwan 社群案例分析:以竹圍工作室-大河小溪齊督工合作為例.
  5. Reke (2020). Cooperating and communicating with government departments. Meta-Wiki.

08. Identify Topics for ImpactEdit

Art + Feminism Editathon Taiwan, 2019.

There are a lot of differences between Mandarin and English, Wikimedia Taiwan keeps translating information to Mandarin to allow communities can have further discussions in Mandarin. Wikimedia Taiwan also cooperates with the research centre to use Wikipedia to protect endangered aboriginal languages.

  • 2014 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan keeps translating important movement contents to Mandarin.
  1. File:This is Wikipedia.webm
  2. File:This is the Wikimedia Foundation.webm
  3. File:Wikipedia - FactsMatter2016.zh-hant.webm
  4. File:UCSF and Wiki Ed Medical Outreach, Tina Brock.webm
  5. File:UCSF and Wiki Ed Medical Outreach, Amin Azzam.webm
  6. File:UCSF and Wiki Ed Medical Outreach, Samantha Erickson.webm
  7. File:Art and Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, February 1, 2014.webm
  8. File:Art + Feminism Edit-a-thon at the Museum of Modern Art March 7, 2015.webm
  9. File:Emily Temple-Wood (2minutes27seconds).webm
  10. File:WAM Multi Language.webm
  • 2017 – Translated
  1. File:The Wikipedia Education Program.webm
  2. File:What is Creative Commons?.webm
  • 2014 to present
  1. Launched Wiki Seed Of Taiwan Knowledge (Introduction, Proposal) to fit the needs of spread correct information.
  2. Held Wiki Seed of Taiwan Knowledge workshops to explore and know more about the Taiwan social issues and discuss how to transfer the correct information to the public.
  • 2015
  1. Furnish the Room of WikiWomen’s Own
  2. Translated Meta-Wiki page: Address the gender gap
  3. Created Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red on Chinese Wikipedia
  • 2016 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan cooperate with female Wiki communities to held Art and Feminism events to attract more people to care and understand related issues. Also, cooperate with relative organizations.
  • 2018 – Translated Meta-Wiki page: Gender equity report 2018
  • 2015 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan provided guidance and consultation for them.
  • 2017
  1. Wikimedia Taiwan and The Center for Aboriginal Studies worked together on iso codes of aboriginal languages to make sure one day the aboriginal languages’ Wikipedias can have opportunities to be independent Wikipedias.
  2. Wikimedia Taiwan and The Center for Aboriginal Studies held a subcontest on Wikipedia Asian Month 2017 to encourage participants write Wikipedia articles about Taiwanese indigenous people in their mother tongue.
  • 2018 – Hold events that not for Chinese Wikimedia project to promote aboriginal languages Wikipedia (incubator)

09. Innovate in Free KnowledgeEdit

Wikimedia Taiwan try to use different tools, investigate and involve in more Wiki-projects, cooperate with different chapters and associations to make the database stronger, try to erase the technical barriers of Wiki, also provides our partners with other research directions.

  • 2014
  1. Translated Meta-Wiki page: Creating an account on WMFLabs
  2. Translated Meta-Wiki page: Getting started with toolforge
  • 2016 to 2020 – Wikimedia Taiwan started project: Wiki Live Monday, the Facebook live video hosted by staffs, we invite guests to share experience and promote Wikimedia movements.
  • 2018 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan tries to use Wikidata to promote content and database, also have collaboration with different associations.
  1. 2018 – Apart From Search or Sort, the More Advanced Application in Wiki GLAM Programs. Meta-Wiki.
  2. 2019 – Based on the Wiki-projects (Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and GLAM) cooperative experience on The Li Mei-shu Memorial Gallery project, Wikidata Taiwan was founded in 2019
  3. Allenwang6212a (2020). Research Case of the White Paper Cooperation Writing Between Taiwan Gallery and Wikidata Taiwan. Outreach Wiki.

10. Evaluate, Iterate, and AdaptEdit

Wikimedia Taiwan keeps providing guidance and tutorials for the public and partners. Besides releasing statements to express our standpoints of the incidents that can impact Wikimedia movements. we also share experience from community members and investigate whether there will have better strategic plans.

  • 2013 to present – Wikimedia Taiwan release statements to speak out our standpoint for the situations that might influence Wikimedia movement.
  1. 2013 – Media Express: “協會反對類SOPA法案聲明
  2. 2019 – “The statement of Wikimedia Taiwan regarding the Extradition bill of Hong Kong
  3. 2020 – “The event guidance in the COVID-19 pandemic for Taiwanese Wiki Communities
  4. 2020 – “The statement about China blocked Wikimedia Foundation’s accreditation to WIPO
  1. 2018 – Wikimedia Taiwan interviewed the participants of education projects, released “New Editor Experience from Education Program in Taiwan
  2. 2019 – Wikimedia Taiwan made two rounds of surveys, published “The Survey of the Inducement of Taiwanese Student Participating Wikipedia Education Program
  3. 2019 – Wikimedia Taiwan participated in five promoting conferences, meetings and exhibitions to promote Wiki-projects.

For 2021Edit

For 2021, Wikimedia Taiwan will focus on “Provide for Safety and inclusion”, “Innovate in Free Knowledge” and “Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt”. Here is our plan:

This report was written in November 2020. Wikimedia Taiwan is welcome anyone who interested in our experience or who want to have future cooperation with Wikimedia Taiwan. Please feel free to contact us via

Part 2 of 2 - PrioritizationEdit

Q1. Which recommendations will respond to your community’s needs?[1]

All the recommendations respond to our community’s needs. We try our best to take care of all the directions.

Q2.From the recommendations, which specific actions and changes would you want prioritized in 2021?[2]

Choose Your Top Priorities   Why is it prioritized?
Recommendation 3. Provide for Safety and inclusion:
  • 16. Code of Conduct
  • 18. Baseline of community responsibilities
  • 20. Advocacy - local capacity development
We need to know does CoC work as good as we expect. We also need more opinions from different communities and countries to make the CoC better. Holding workshops can provide us with opportunities to exchange experience, community management skills and incubation of new organizers.
Recommendation 9. Innovate in Free Knowledge:
  • 40. Policies for experimentation with projects for knowledge equity
  • 41. Continuous experimentation, technology, and partnerships for content, formats, and devices
Working on the documentation for analysis of previous cooperate cases can help us to explore what our GLAM partners need.
Recommendation 10. Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt:
  • 42. Monitoring, evaluation and learning at all levels with support and mutual accountability
  • 44. Iterative change processes
Based on the researches and experience Wikimedia Taiwan has, we will keep support and encourage School clubs and the school ambassadors. Wikimedia Taiwan will hold some meetings to published related regulations, involve in Education more and promote Wiki education

Q3. What human capacity and / or financial resources do you need to work on implementation?

Wikimedia Taiwan really needs translators and more liaisons to track and translate information to Taiwanese and international communities. With enough human capacity we can share our experience, seek partnership and keep good communications with communities.

Q4. Which initiatives do you think should be the top focus for global coordination?

Recommendation 3. Provide for Safety and inclusion. Without a safe and friendly environment, no communities can survive.


  1. There are 10 recommendations to choose from. Think of the work you’re already doing in your community and what else you want to do. At the same time, think of the whole Wikimedia movement and what we should prioritize globally to face the future.
  2. Think about the initiatives that will respond to your community’s needs. Each of the 10 recommendations has multiple changes and actions or initiatives. There are 45 all together.