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Wikimedia Levant's priorities for the implementation of Wikimedia 2030 strategy. The priorities were collected through a survey that followed the Arabic-language prioritization discussion. 10 Respondents from Wikimedia Levant filled the survey.

General InformationEdit

Field Information
Name of your group Wikimedia Levant
Time and date of the event October 17th, 2020
Who attended? 10 members (filled the survey)
Who facilitated? Abbad
Who took notes? Nadine


Q1. Which recommendations will respond to your community’s needs?Edit

Choose Your Top Priorities   Why is it prioritized?
Invest in Skills and Leadership Development Skill development is among the most urgent needs for our growing community. It's essential to build new capacities to share the load among members instead of exclusively burdening the more experienced contributors, which could lead to burn out issues.
Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt Without a continuous process of evaluation and incremental improvement or resturcturing, we cannot achieve any progress as a community.
Improve User Experience Improving user experience is directly related to community growth and development, which sits at the heart of Wikimedia projects and should be a priority across the Movement.

Q2.From the recommendations, which specific actions and changes would you want prioritized in 2021?Edit

Choose Your Top Priorities   Why is it prioritized?
From Invest in Skills and Leadership Development:
  • 31. Global approach for local skill development - gathering data, matching peers, mentorship, recognition
  • 32. Leadership development plan
  • 33. Skill development infrastructure
Since most basic skills are similar across different Wikimedia platforms and affiliate organizations, it makes sense to have a global skill development plan and a learning platform for everyone.
From Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt:
  • 42. Monitoring, evaluation and learning at all levels with support and mutual accountability
  • 43. Develop a comprehensive evaluation system for Movement activities and structures - including technology, coordination, capacity, policies and governance
  • 44. Iterative change processes
See the reasoning above for prioritizing this recommendation
From Improve User Experience:
  • 9. Methodology to improve the Wikimedia platform UX research, design, testing and community engagement
  • 11. Resources for newcomers
Improving the usability and experience of Wikimedia projects will, in turn, improve readership. Adaptability to different devices is essential for a quickly growing mobile user audience in our region. Newcomers resources and support is one of the major improvements we need to ease the path towards joining the community.

Q3. What human capacity and / or financial resources do you need to work on implementation?Edit

  • Funding and resourcing for implementation - because many recommendations need to be implemented by staff and experts rather than volunteers.
  • Dedicated, regional staff (who are from the region) for support.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to the limitations around local funding and legistlation.
  • Support and encouragement to engage in implementing Strategy.

Q4. Which initiatives do you think should be the top focus for global coordination?Edit

  • Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement
  • Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt