Charta del Movimento

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Le Charta del Movimento essera un documento que defini le rolos e responsabilitates pro tote le membros e entitates del movimento Wikimedia. Inter altere cosas, illo establira un nove Consilio Global pro le governantia del movimento. Le Charta del Movimento es un prioritate in le strategia del movimento.[1] Es expectate un ample processo de ratification pro su adoption.

The Movement Charter Drafting Committee explains: what is the purpose of a 'movement charter'?
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A proposito

Assecurar que le organisationes del Movimento observa le Charta essera le responsabilitate del Consilio Global.


This is a preliminary timeline. Although it broadly shows the steps involved in creating the Movement Charter, dates may be changed later on. Those changes will be potentially made to avoid rushing the process, especially when consulting with the community and other stakeholders, which is hard to limit within a fixed timeframe.

Period Step
November-January 2021/2022
  • Setting up the support systems and internal processes of the Drafting Group
  • Research and information-gathering
February-October 2022
  • Research and information-gathering
  • Creating the initial draft of the Charter content in conversation with all stakeholders
November-January 2022/2023 Call for review and amendments for all stakeholders
February-May 2023 Reflecting upon feedback and revising of MCDC text
June-August 2023 Review for all stakeholders
If all is well, we can move to ratification: if not, another cycle of 3 months for revising text/2 months for review etc.
September-December 2023 Ratification process for the Movement Charter
January-March 2024 Conversations regarding the set up of the next identified governance structure
April-June 2024 Set up and selection process of the next identified governance structure


Secundo le conversationes in curso, le Charta del Movimento habera tres passos clave:

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