Movement Charter/Drafting Committee/Updates/Member change July 2022

MCDC membership change edit

Dear Wikimedians,

As a process facilitator for the development of the Movement Charter, I would like to inform you that Jamie Li-Yun Lin (User:Li-Yun Lin), selected member of the committee, decided to step down from her membership due to personal reasons in April 2022. The committee and the supporting team would like to thank Jamie for her input to setting up the committee and getting the drafting process started.

As Jamie was selected to the committee, in May 2022 the regional/thematic selectors of the affiliates reconvened to select a replacement candidate from the pool. During the assessment of the candidates the diversity and expertise matrices were considered. In a weighted voting system Daria Cybulska (User:Daria Cybulska (WMUK)) emerged as the most suitable and supported candidate. Her experience, leadership, and deep knowledge of the movement were highlighted as key skills contributing to the development of the Charter.

The selectors recognize that had the earlier community election replacement been done with retally, Daria should have replaced Alice Wiegand (User:Lyzzy), which makes sense given Daria adds some skills lost with Alice’s resignation. The selectors also recognize, however, that this choice also leaves a gap in representation from the ESEAP region because of Jamie’s departure. Selectors encourage MCDC members to address this gap with their power to appoint additional members, including those from outside the original candidate pool.

Daria has been involved in the UK civil society sector for the past 12 years, currently serving as Director of Programmes and Evaluation at Wikimedia UK and as a trustee at Global Dialogue, a European-wide field building network for civil society organisations working on human rights and democratic space. Daria has been contributing to Wikimedia since becoming a staff member of Wikimedia UK in 2012 and has been a regular participant in global Wikimedia discussions ever since. Daria also served as a coordinating member of the Wikimedia 2030 Resource Allocation Working Group. For further details one can consult her full candidate statement for becoming a member of the drafting committee.

Daria has agreed to take this new role and is in the process of being onboarded to the committee.

Best regards,
Kaarel Vaidla