This is the documentation page for Module:TrainingPages

The master version of this module comes from English Wikipedia: w:Module:TrainingPages.

However here on multilingual Meta, it is being fixed to handle translations using the Translate extension:

  • This code requires template expansion when parsing the index list pages (containing transclusions of TNTN (because "Special:MyLanguage/" prefixes are still not supported)
  • Wikilinks that are present in noinclude sections of the index page will no longer be indexed for navigation (these links are also hidden when trascluding index pages in the main training page); but are accessible when viewing the index pages directly (from the link present under the topic name in the training page header)
  • It fixes another issue with the "/en" suffix which may appear in links once a training page has been prepared for translation (not all of them are translated at once, this avoids breaking existing trainings or new trainings in preparation that are still not ready for translation).

The module will then now work with or without translations (but most trainings in Meta or Commons should be translated). A localized Wiki may decide to only import one translated version and make it the default by dropping language code suffixes, or by renaming them after the import (leaving redirects which may break things)

The current code assumes English is the default language of the current wiki (true on Meta-Wiki) but is easy to fix if you import this module on a non-English localized wiki.