This is the documentation page for Module:Click-IT

What is Click-IT?!?


Named after the delicious frozen San Francisco dessert, the Click-IT module is a refreshing template for presenting readers with a way to navigate to a wiki represented by an icon. With Click-IT, easy to read and visually engaging elements lead users to the content of their heart's desire.

Click-IT is used in the Wikimedia Foundation Brand Guidelines in order to designate a category things. Simple, lightweight illustrations enable a content category to be easily recognizable and appeal to an international audience.

Ice Cream



Use a simple, lightweight illustration—Avoid putting more than one image into the icon. Look for or make an illustration that has a simple shape and few details.

Make your own


Icons are simple pictographs that designate a category of things. Each icon lives inside a fixed square so that it's legible and not cramped within a wiki. - All icons are scaled down to 100px and have a line weight of 2pt. - If your icon uses a rectangle, the corner radius should be 3px. - The background should always be 100px x 100px and at least 1px wider/taller than the icon itself to avoid unwanted trimming.



Export as PNG at 300dpi on a transparent background, using the background to define the file dimensions which avoids messy misalignment of icons.