Miniwiki would be a kind of Wikipedia, with the difference that its articles are rather short. This is handy for people wanting to have quick info without having to read a lot of text. Ultimately, a page would not require scrolling down, or requier scrolling down just a little bit. Articles would also not require to follow all internal links to be able to understand the text.

Target audienceEdit

People that need quick info on a certain subject and do not have time to read or scan long articles such as the ones on Wikipedia.


Providing a quick reference encyclopedia that people can use when needing to get oriented on a certain subject quickly.

Similar articlesEdit

It is said that Simple English Wikipedia is similar to MiniWiki, which is, wrong, for SEW is aimed at providing a Wikipedia in easily-understandable English, while MiniWiki aims at providing quickly readable articles for people that are short in time and want to quickly get oriented on a certain subject.