Milan Unit and the photographer Ramak Fazel wikiproject

Milan Unit and the photographer Ramak Fazel contribute to the Wikimedia projects in collaboration with the art gallery Viasaterna and Iolanda Pensa.

Cooperation between Milan Unit, Ramak Fazel and the gallery Viasaterna with the Wikimedia projectsEdit

In September 2017 Milan Unit will be presented at the art gallery Galleria Viasaterna in Milan. Milan Unit is the archive produced and collected by the photographer Ramak Fazel while he was living in Italy and he collaborating – among others – with the magazine Domus and the well-known Italian designers Ettore Sottsass and Enzo Mari.

Considering the value of this archive also in documenting the art and architecture scene of Milan, the gallerist Irene Crocco of Viasaterna suggested to link the archive Milan Unit and the work of the photographer Ramak Fazel to the Wikimedia projects. She involved Iolanda Pensa (user:iopensa) and Ramak Fazel liked the idea of contributing to the Wikimedia projects by supporting them with images, new content and his network.

The collaboration started in May 2017 with a review of the archive and the bibliography related to Ramak Fazel's work.

Areas of contribution

  • Photos
  • Jury of Wiki Loves Monuments Italia
  • Involvement in Wiki Loves Monuments Italia by facilitating contacts with architects for authorizations
  • Review of articles related to the Italian design and contemporary architecture in Milan
Content English Italian Images
Enzo Mari w:en:Enzo Mari w:it:Enzo Mari commons:Category:Enzo Mari
Ettore Sottsass w:en: Ettore Sottsass w:it: Ettore Sottsass commons:Category:Ettore Sottsass
Marco Zanuso w:en:Marco Zanuso w:it:Marco Zanuso commons:Category:Marco Zanuso
Vico Magistretti‎ w:en:Vico Magistretti‎ w:it:Vico Magistretti‎ commons:Category:Vico Magistretti‎

Content English Italian Images
Milan Furniture Fair w:en:Milan Furniture Fair w:it:Salone Internazionale del Mobile
Fashion in Milan w:en:Fashion in Milan nn
Milan w:en:Milan w:it:Milano
Design italiano w:en:Italian design w:it:Design italiano

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