Meta:MetaProject to overhaul Meta/Inventory

Former uses for Meta :

  1. Seed wiki for new languages and projects: Now on incubator wiki.
  2. MediaWiki documentation and extensions: Being moved to

Present uses for Meta are:

  1. Work wiki for foundation and chapter affairs
    • Wikimania, including bids. There are also separate Wikimania wikis for each year.
    • Grants
  2. Projects (justifies a namespace?)
    • Proposals for the creation of & closure of projects
    • Project statistics. Pages, admin numbers etc
    • Development of projects such as logo changes
  3. cross-wiki maintenance (Spam blacklist, Steward requests, OTRS etc.)
    • Global policies for Oversight, CheckUser etc
    • Central wiki for steward actions like global blocks, the steward elections, and other steward-related pages. Global actions and cross-wiki rights changes go in the log here, not on other local wikis. Also, it's the place to request help from stewards.
    • Aspects such as Arbitration & RFC type stuff?
    • Pywikipediabot documentation, etc.
  4. Translations
  5. Quasi personal material including essays on Wikimedia culture, humor, non-Wikimedia projects or concepts and philosophical discussions - MeatBall-type stuff, but of local interest
  6. Historical documents that get the {{historical}} tag and hence Category:Archives.
  7. "Help" aspects of Meta (as in Help: namespace), including translations. Formerly Help page translations where in other namespaces, such as Hilfe:, Aide:.