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Pravila i smernice Korisnik bot
Meta Wiki administratori mogu privremeno sebi dodeliti korisnik bot zastavicu kada se ista radnja ponavlja, kada nisu kontroverzne izmene ili akcije Special:RecentChanges koje treba izbegavati.

Kako koristiti korisnik bot zastavicu

Administrators should use the flood flag to avoid flushing other edits and actions from the RecentChanges (RC) feed when making repetitive changes. Such actions must never be controversial, as using the flood flag decreases the amount of oversight they may receive. Abuse of the flood flag is treated as abuse of any other administrator tool would be. Examples of acceptable use would be deleting many spambot pages, or deleting a large number of pages after consensus has been achieved at Meta:Requests for deletion or blocking many open proxies. Unacceptable uses include attempting to circumvent legitimate oversight of any controversial action, regardless of whether it is an administrator task or not.

Users may also wish to equip the flood flag when performing log actions on large numbers of usernames that are offensive or libellous (ie. Stewards locking/hiding global accounts, administrators performing local blocks and so on).

In some cases, a bureaucrat may remove the flood flag to force administrator's edits to appear in RC. This should be done in cases where the administrator has forgotten to remove it, or when the changes should be seen by default in RC.

Korisnik bot zastavica se može dati i ukloniti korisniku koristeći Special:UserRights.

Prostor za zloupotrebu?

One issue with the proposal as it stands, is that there is room for abuse from administrators; if an administrator is making contentious edits or actions, he or she would be able to toggle the flood flag to prevent them from being seen or monitored from Recent Changes, which is the primary source at which new edits are displayed and observed.

Međutim, ne sme se zaboraviti da je administratorima poverena mogućnost brisanja stranice, blokiranje korisnika, prikazivanje izbrisanih materijala, zaštita na stranicama i tako dalje. Na kraju, ova funkcionalnost ne treba da zahteva više poverenja nego za administratore kojima je već data.

Davanje korisnik bot zastavice se može videti ovde i uskorašnjim izmenama.

Korisnik bot ili Bot zastavica?

Ovo ima za cilj da zameni tražeće privremene bot zastavice od birokrata. Administratori koji bi inače zatražite zastavicu zastavicu mogu jednostavno sebi dodeliti korisnik bot zastavicu.

Slučajevi u kojima treba stalna bot zastavica mogu dati i da ostaju isti. Administrator treba da kreira novi nalog i zatražiti stalnyu bot zastavicu. Samo privremene bot zastavice zamenjene su zastavicom korisnik bot.

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