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Being catalytic is an etiquette concept not formally documented and difficult to enforce, and specifically bearing little rewards as it — normally — happens naturally, and is difficult to distinguish or spot.

  • Be relaxed. When you find yourself unable to handle a situation, approach someone else lightly who can.
    • For example, if someone leaves a message, you don't have to write back when they seem upset; instead, give them time to cool off and then write back.
  • Be open-minded. Investigate other people's motivations and build on them.
  • Be attentive to detail. Work in the root, not its consequences.
  • Look for positive traits. Where someone appears to be doing something wrong, look for other activities that may be attractive or satisfy the the person's goals better.
  • Do things where they belong. When someone is rude, tell them at their talk page, not in the middle of a discussion where they raised valid points (even if put rudely) which need discussion. Don't lose the thread.

  • When something needs to be done, make steps, reasonably small and balanced, to get it done.
  • Assuming good faith?. Don't play too much. If a newcomer is in good faith, he will follow a timely hint; there is no need to hand-hold and do more work for them than catalyzing needs.