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You may be able to find purchasing or library information and other data about the book with the ISBN number MAGICNUMBER on one of the websites below. Note that an ISBN identifies an edition of a book, and any given title may have a number of different ISBNs. Wikipedia does not endorse any bookseller listed here above any other. Buying books having clicked through particular links may result in the Wikimedia foundation receiving a percentage of the sale. These links are clearly marked for the purpose of openness rather than a recommendation that these booksellers be used.

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On this page each occurrence of MAGICNUMBER is automatically replaced by the searched ISBN given in the Special:Booksources search form, or extracted from an ISBN link. Old ISBNs have 10 digits, new ISBNs 13 digits, the Wiki software does not insist on correct hyphenations.

ISBN links are automatically created for ISBNs mentioned in plain text, e.g., ISBN 0-321-48091-0 for a specific edition of the Unicode standard - in essence the same idea as for RFC links in plain text, e.g., RFC 3187 about urn:isbn.

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(ISBN starting with 0 or 1)


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(ISBN commonly starting with 84 Spain or 950 Argentina)