The first meeting of the Wikipedia community in China in 2018 was held on January 10, 2018 in Jing'an temple, Shanghai. Participants included 雾岛圣, 行走京沪线, 跛足居士 and others. Caculating the regular meetups and bi-weekly meetups, This meetup is the 50th meetup of the Shanghai Wikimedia community.

Significance edit

After 2014, due to various reasons in the community, the Shanghai Wikimedia activity was forced to terminate. After several years, after efforts by many friendly users, this meetup was the first public meeting after the Shanghai community was revived.

Discussion edit

This meetup mainly talked about the editing and photographing of cultural relics. At the same time, they talked about family life, their own ideals, and their future life. Participants also discussed whether there was a need for the party to be publicly displayed and ultimately decided to display it publicly.