The third meeting of Punjabi Wiki Community was organised at Punjabi University Patiala in which 14 members of the community participated.

Third Punjabi Wiki Meet


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Third Punjabi Wiki Meet
  • To mark the Punjabi Wikipedia's 13th Anniversary on 3rd June in Punjabi community, third meetup on 6th june 2015 took place. Some important issues were discussed along with the future goals. Wider array of different ideas and views were exchanged and the past progress made, including the areas where further work is needed to mainstream the growth and development of Punjabi Wiki on global level was discussed and deliberated about.
  • To celebrate this important milestone of Punjabi Wikipedia's 13th Anniversary all the editors and wiki users were urged to participate in the Editathan on 13th anniversary of Punjabi Wikipedia - the event created to improve 1000 important articles that every Wikipedia must have.
  • Other highlights of these meeting were the discussion and approval of members of the team for the commencement of wikimedia user group for which everybody acceded to. Different ideas were debated upon.
  • Rupika described in detail about user groups to everybody and the essential requirements for wiki user groups were described including the user group name , the scope and aim, the benefits of affiliated user groups.
  • And Punjabi Wikipedia community is soon going to organise its very first Punjabi Wiki Conference 2015. This would be one of the most momentous events of the Punjabi Wikimedia Community. For this the venues, the different duties were agreed upon and the allotted members would report back in the next meeting about the progress in the given tasks.


  1. Venue - Satdeep Gill and Stalinjeet
  2. Food- Parveer Grewal
  3. Grants- Satdeep Gill, Harvinder Chandigarh
  4. Banner- Dr. Manavpreet Kaur
  5. Printing- Dr. Manavpreet Kaur