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As an optional part of the first Belfast Meetup, there will be a visit to the Ulster Museum, with an informal photography competition.


To be eligible for a (small) prize in the competition, images must:

  • Be taken between 10:30 and 13:00 on 23 November 2013, in or around the Ulster Museum or Botanic Gardens.
  • Be uploaded at full resolution to Wikimedia Commons by 29 November.
  • Be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike licence ( or a compatible licence.
  • Be still photographs — other types of images (e.g. entirely computer-generated works, drawings, or videos) will not be eligible.

Other ground rulesEdit

  • No photography is allowed in the museum's art galleries.
  • As a general rule, please do not submit photographs of people.
  • Please do not upload photographs of text (e.g. noticeboards or signs).
  • Photographs should be appropriate for Commons, i.e. primarily educational rather than artistic.
  • Please be respectful and considerate to your fellow photographers.
  • Do not continue to take photographs if asked to stop by museum staff or the authorities.
  • Remember, it's only a bit of fun really.


  • Look through your photos and decide which ones you want to upload. The same subject from lots of different angles is fine, but if you've taken the same shot multiple times, pick your best one and upload that.
  • To start uploading:
  1. Log into (or create an account on) Wikimedia Commons; if you have an account on Wikipedia, that username and password should work on Commons.
  2. Navigate to the Upload Wizard
  3. Click "Select media files to share", and select the relevant images (you can upload up to 50 at a time).
  4. Once they've uploaded (you should see a green tick next to each image), scroll to the bottom and click "continue".
  5. On the next page, confirm that the photos are your own and that you agree to the licensing conditions (the most restrictive licence allowed on Commons is Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike), which means that anybody can use your photo, but they must state that it belongs to you (attribution) and that any derivative works must be released under the same licence.
  6. Give your photos a name and description. The Upload Wizard will allow you to copy the title and description from the first one to all the others if you select "copy information to all uploads below".
  7. Important! In the "categories" box, put "Images from Belfast Meetup 1".
  8. Once all your images have names and categories, scroll down, click "next" and wait for the next page to load. Then you're done!
  • If you have any problems, contact Bazonka. If you'll be at the pub in the afternoon, then we can discuss it there.

Judging and prizeEdit

I have asked Julia W to select the best photograph from the day. This will be handsomely rewarded with much kudos and a Photographer's Barnstar (and if I win, per IAR, I reserve the right to award it to myself!). There may even be a physical prize too.