This group is intend to enrich wikimedia with more information about Bangladesh and the locality. We are also trying to establish Media Jockey the word which will define the work of a person who mixes the communication media platform to create a fusion and communicate, which would be a very helpful concept for advertising and marketing industry


To enrich wikipedia or wikimedia with all the contents translated in Bangla to help Bangla speaking better understand and accurate and extended information about Bangladesh as Bangla is the national language of the country. We are also working to make Media Jockey, the term to be a recognized term like Disc Jockey Or [Jockey] and this will define as the person who is working to create a fusion in communication media will be recognized as Media Jockey.


Currently working on scanning to the information available on wikimedia to see any editing or review is required or not. Finding out if the term Media Jockey would to a common interest term to accept as to define the person who is crating a fusion in communications media communication platform.


Media Jockey stared in when Bangalore, India under the leadership of Abu Zafar Md Ikbal Hossen during the year 2009 on the day the Michael Jackson died and the name proposed keeping in mind two things, 1) Michael Jackson - MJ 2) A name that should mean fusion of media to create unique communications methods or platform

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