MediaWiki release cycle

Version numbers edit

major.minor.patchlevel (eg 1.3.0)

Patchlevels generally should not change functionality majorly, but should just be fixing bugs etc. A minor-number bump could change things vastly. We've never bumped the major version yet...

We do not use the Linux-style even/odd minor numbering system. Development versions so far aren't given specific numbers until we approach release and put out release candidates, at which point they're "1.2.0rc2" etc; in the meantime developers just work from CVS and try not to break it.

Release cycle edit

  • Wikipedia Phase 3 goes online: July 2002
  • "MediaWiki stable" tarballs go out August 2003
  • 1.1 in November 2003
  • 1.2 March 2004
  • 1.3 August 2004
  • 1.4 December 2004 (beta 1)
  • 1.5 June 2005 (beta 1)

Release early, release often, we hope! 'Minor' releases have so far been a few months apart, perhaps accelerating.

Bug-fix patchlevel releases will continue to be put out as needed while the next big revision is being worked on.

Release management edit

Brion is currently handling release management and stable patch releases.

CVS edit

See MediaWiki from CVS for the CVS branch & tag names used to mark releases.

Tarballs edit

Put in the file section on

Announcements edit