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  • The proposal is to conduct Mini TTT across the country and a few hackathons as well. All these culminate to a MediaWiki Conference hopefully by November or December 2017. All programs are planned to be conducted in association with the Center for Internet & Society - Access to Knowledge (CIS-A2K).

Proposed Activities and TimelineEdit

This is a draft timeline, and actual events may change. Please provide your feedback and suggestions.
Activity Time Intended for
Mini Technical and MediaWiki TTT (Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai) June - October 2017 Technical & MediaWiki training
1st MediaWiki Conference India + Hackathon December 2017 All technical contributors and enthusiasts

Known Resource Persons (in the past)Edit

The following people are known to have significant expertise and working experience in MediaWiki and other technical aspects of Wikipedia and have conducted talks/tutorials catering to a wide variety of audience.


  • Tony Thomas (WMF GSoC admin and MediaWiki core contributor) (lives abroad)
  • Srijan Agarwal (MediaWiki contributor and former GSoC student)
  • Harsh Kothari
  • Yuvi Panda (lives abroad)
  • Vishwa Prabha
  • Omshivaprakash H L
  • Pavithra
  • Srikar Kashyap Pulipaka (upto basic extension development and customization)

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  • Vishwa Prabha
  • Tito Dutta (tools, scripts, gadgets, lab)


Technical TrainingEdit

MWTTT 2017 syllabus

MediaWiki introductionEdit

  • Introducing the MediaWiki framework
  • Under the hood design
  • Installing the LAMP/WAMP stack
  • Introduction to Version Control (Git)
  • Installing MediaWiki
  • Basic customization
  • Installing extensions
  • Creation of basic extensions
  • Basic Bot creation and automation using pywikibot and wikitools library
  • Final Day Hackathon

Comments / DiscussionEdit

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