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<pre>...</pre> behaviour brokenEdit

This all used to be one contiguous unformatted block until recently Fixed. It looks allright again.

# In this example two sets of bars are drawn, in red and blue respectively,
# but in each set one bar (marking war periods) will be drawn in green.

PlotData =
  color:red fontsize:S                               # set defaults
  bar:USSR from:1919 till:1922 text:Lenin            # red bar
  bar:USSR from:1922 till:1953 text:Stalin           # red bar
  bar:USSR from:1939 till:1945 text:WWII color:green # green bar
  bar:USSR from:1953 till:1964 text:Krushchev        # red bar
  color:blue                                         # change default color
  bar:US from:1913 till:1921 text:Wilson             # blue bar
  bar:US from:1917 till:1918 text:WWI color:green    # green bar
  bar:US from:1921 till:1923 text:Harding            # blue bar

#> this multiline comment does not end command PlotData,
   even when the previous line does not start with a space<#

   bar:US from:1923 till:1929 text:Coolidge           # blue bar

TextData =                                           # now PlotData is considered complete