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This is not a vote

If you have come here to endorse or oppose an applicant, please note that this is not a vote. The final decision rests with the OTRS administrators, who need to assess the candidates suitability as an OTRS agent. Instead of voting, please give comments, diffs, or ask questions that may help the OTRS administrators become more familiar with the candidates.

Please use this template for new applications
== [[User:Example|Example]] ==

*'''User links''': {{OTRSvolunteer|Example}}
*'''[[Special:MyLanguage/User language|Babel]]/Languages you can reply in:''' 
*'''Your most active user talk page(s):''' 
*'''Queues you would like access to:''' 
*'''Email sent?''' 

I'd like to help out on OTRS because ... ~~~~

Please see OTRS#Queues for a list of queues that you apply for.

Note: You must send an email to volunteers-otrs(at) with a link (or diff) to your application as well as providing your age. You must do so each time you apply.