Marathi Wikipedia Workshop at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan, Pune


Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan is a Pune based Mathematics Institute founded in 1976 by the world famous Indian Mathematician Prof. Shreeram Abhyankar for conducting research in Higher Mathematics. Over the years a number students studied under the guidance of Prof. Abhyankar and obtained their Ph.D. degree in India or abroad. Since 1992 the Pratishthan has also been a recognised centre for conducting Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) under the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) for Maharashtra and Goa Region. This has enabled the Pratishthan to train lots of students from std. V to XII for this prestigious examination. Many students who received training at BP have won medals in the International Mathematical Olympiad.The Pratishthan has experienced that out of these students who were initially attracted to Mathematics because of job opportunities in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, many got inspiration to undertake research in Higher Mathematics.
The National Board for Higher mathematics has greatly helped Pratishthan to enrich its library and the Department of Atomic Energy and the Mathematics Department of S. P. Pune University have rendered active co-operation in holding Conferences/Workshops. The teachers from various colleges in Pune as well as researchers from institutions all over India have supported the activities at BP over a long period of time.


  1. To introduce Wikipedia as an encyclopedia for research and a concept to new editors.
  2. To Promote Marathi Wikipedia Community & promote the use of regional languages in Wikipedia.
  3. To have an open interaction within the editors, existing as well as new.
  4. To spread the awareness of Wikipedia as a powerful tool.


Expert TrainerEdit

  • Subodh Kulkarni, Program Associate - CIS-A2K


  • Shashikant Katre
  • Kiran Barve


Date : 2 December 2017
Time : 10AM to 2PM
Place :Pune,Maharashtra,India
Venue :Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan
Participants : 12


The workshop was aimed at introduction to Wikimedia Projects and creating/editing Wikipedia articles. Participants were completely unaware about Marathi Wikipedia and editing. They were trained in basic editing skills and search for the concerned articles, categorisation and translation from other language wikipedias. Participants worked on 50+ articles and made around 150 edits. 20 images were added to Commons and into articles.

Participants (Usernames)Edit

  1. शशिकांत अनंत कात्रे
  2. किरण बर्वे
  3. सुबोध पाठक
  4. चारुदत्त स. निमकर
  5. भावना प्रमोद देशपांडे
  6. Nanda N. Rajput
  7. श्रीराम दांडेकर
  8. रवींद्र कुलकर्णी
  9. मराठीकाका
  10. अनिल राजाराम दरेकर
  11. भास विजय भामरे
  12. मंगला ज नारळीकर
  13. Tikekar
  14. उल्हास दीक्षित
  15. वि वि जोशी

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