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Wiki Loves Villages (WLV) is a photographic event to increase the amount of freely-licensed material related to Villages/Gaunpalika (Rural Municipalities) of Nepalese districts in Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation. Maithili Wikimedians is involved in this event. The event aimed to photograph the important places of Nepal which is not yet uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Wiki Loves Villages also encourages people to promote donating images to Wikimedia Commons from different parts of the country.

The event includes photo walks in different parts of the country with Wikimedians and photographers of Nepal. The event is initially started with the help of MWUG volunteers and expected to extend it to the National level photo competition later.


Project Goals

  • Photographs the Nepalese district's villages of Nepal.
  • Improve the Quality of images and free licensed images of the rural area of Nepal.
  • Photographs aimed on the different subject like culture, shelter, food, dress up, peoples and educational institutions.
  • Engage new and existing members of the community.
  • To spread awareness about contributing media contents to Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Phase 1

For the very first time the WLV event is organized in Mustang District, Myagdi District, Palpa District, Tanahun District and Kaski District of Nepal.



For the increment of the amount of freely-licensed material related to villages (Rural Municipalities) of Nepalese districts in Wikimedia Commons. The team has reached various villages of five different districts of Nepal to take photographs and make photographs available for the articles at Wikipedia.


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