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Mother Language Edit-a-thon

Mother Language Edit-a-thon is an online Edit-a-thon competition organized on Maithili Wikipedia on the occasion of International Mother Language Day 2018. The competition was organized from February 21, 2018 to February 23, 2018. The main aim of the competition is to create articles about languages, linguistic and cultural diversity on Maithili Wikipedia as well as to promote multilingualism. The competition is solely online and organized for the first time on Maithili Wikipedia.
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Mother Language Edit-a-thon
मातृभाषा सम्पादनथन
Statusinactive (ended)
GenreInternational Mother Lanuage Day
BeginsFebruary 21, 2018 (2018-02-21)
EndsFebruary 23, 2018 (2018-02-23)
VenueRajbiraj, Saptari District
CoordinatesCoordinates: 26.32°, 86.44°
CoordinatorBiplab Anand (Online)
ParticipantsMaithili speaker from all over the world.
Organised byMaithili Wikimedians

Project LeadEdit


The following are the project aims :-

  • To increase the user participation in Maithili Wikipedia,
  • To create articles about languages, linguistic and cultural diversity on Maithili Wikipedia,
  • To promote multilingualism.
  • To increase Maithili native speakers users in Maithili Wikipedia,


The complete list of participants can be seen here locally in Maithili Wikipedia. The top contributors of the Edit-a-thon is listed below.

Competition StatisticsEdit

Global metrics[1]Edit

S.N. Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1 Number of editors (involved) 11 User signed up for the Edit-a-thon.
2 Number of editors (article created) 7 User created articles during the Edit-a-thon.
3 Number of articles added on Maithili Wikipedia 36 36 new article
4 Number of good articles 13 13 good article


Position Participant Name Article created Jury Point
  Kiran Kumar Sah 10 10
  Pankaj Deo 7 7
  Biplab Anand 3 3

Featured ContributorEdit

Position User Article created
  Pankaj Deo 7

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