Mail-to-wiki gateway

See bugzilla:831 mail-to-wiki gateway: allow adding or creation of page through SMS or E-Mail

This is the start of a new page, which describes the script editpage.php, which basically allows creation from a received mail, from commandline or from a file.

It supports

  • append to a page
  • prepend to page or
  • create new page

The idea of mail-to-wiki gateways is not new, you can easily find these references:

Started by --Wikinaut mail 20:39, 21 Mar 2005 (UTC)

$version	= '1.14-alpha (March 21, 2005)';
$progname	= 'editpage.php';


	Please use at your own risk: the script leaves currently the server and wikiuser passwords in the
	temporary directory. These files should be deleted after use of the script.


	Edit a wikipage ...
	... by sending commands from the commandline or others scripts
	... as if you are user($wikiuser) - see below

	tested with: Mediawiki 1.3.7, 1.3.11, 1.5 (CVS HEAD)

	M.Arndt/T.Gries Feb./March 2005

	Bug reports and improvements:

	1.14	21.03.2005	alpha release for publication on
				see also for links to further documentation
	1.10	13.03.2005	"add" as synonym to append; html_entities on an existing wiki page are not escaped again
				UTF-8, quoted-printable, ISO-8859-1 handling of Subject and body
	1.08	10.03.2005	using tempname
	1.07	08.03.2005	removing <HTML> tags; remove leading empty lines
	1.06	07.03.2005	tablestyle
	1.05	06.03.2005	allow parameters in stdin
	1.04	04.03.2005	read page text from stdin; first version which works with procmail
	1.03	03.03.2005	Version for Tomer (bot developer)
	1.02	03.03.2005	\n inserts a newline character into the wikipage;
				-f filename : read everything from a file
	1.01	27.02.2005	compatibel with older version which uses wpEdittime
	1.00	26.02.2005	Initial version adapted for Mediawiki 1.3.11 which uses wpEditToken

	Usage:   php editpage.php [ -a | -p | -o ] "Pagename" "A new text for this page" ["Edit Summary"]
	         php editpage.php [ -a | -p | -o ] -f filename ["Pagename" ["Edit Summary"]]

	<mode> ::= 	-a | -append -add (default)
        	     	-p | -prepend
	             	-o | -overwrite -replace -new -create

			-s	read everything from stdin ["Pagename"]

				pagename, edit summary, page text
				are read from stdin

				The optional "Pagename" on commandline is used as default page

			-f 	parameter to read everything from a file;
				parameters in first three lines of the file
				the sequence of the parameters does not matter
				take precedence over command line parameters

			Content of file:

				<mode>:<pagename>	This replaces the two lines Mode: and Page in the first example.
				Summary:<edit summary>



	php editpage.php -a "Test" "* This is a new line generated by ~~~~." "A very first test."
	php editpage.php -f testfile.txt


	Summary: This and that, an edit summary
	* This is a text for the wiki page.

	If (Edit)Summary is empty, then the Subject text will be used as (Edit)Summary.

	Example for a procmail configuration file ($keyword = mail2wiki)

	.procmail (the 'c' instructs procmail to file an additional mail copy in your mail folder)
	* ^Subject: mail2wiki
	| formail -k -X Date: -X From: -X Subject: -X Content-Type: -X Content-Transfer-Encoding: | /home/www/wikiextensions/editpage/editpage.php -s

	To Do:

	1.	change curl exec calls to internal php-curl calls
	2.	correct treatment of multipart mails (e.g. plain-text _and_ html)
		use PHP:PEAL for this
	3.	relax current strict deletion of HTML tags, everything in < >

	The code uses UTF-8 coding internally and assumes, that the Wiki input encoding is UTF-8, too.

*	make your customizations here

	$wikiname 	= "localhost/testwiki";		// Wiki-URL, becomes later http://$wikiname/index.php?......
	$auth 		= "user:password";		// credentials serveruser:serverpassword for server login

	$wikiuser 	= "EditScript";			// the script logs into this wiki-user account (change it)
	$wikiuserpw 	= "nada--zero";			// and uses this password (change it)

	$scriptdir 	= "/home/www/wikiextensions/editpage";	// directory of script and three curl templates (read-only)
	$tempdir 	= $scriptdir."/tmp";		// path to a writable temporary directory

	$defaultpage	= 'Wikimail';			// page name of page for error messages
	$defaultpage	= $progname."_errorlog";	// page name of page for error messages

	$keyword	= '';				// a keyword, which must be first word in Subject: mail header
							// in order to trigger any action
	$tablestyle	= true;				// From: and Subject: mail headers are formatted using wiki table syntax
	$ShowSummaryOnPage = false;
	$ShowSubjectOnPage = false;

	$category	= '[[Category:wikimail]]';	// The scripts automatically adds the category (if not yet present)