MENA Region Catalyst Projects

Project Description: MENA Catalyst Project






Wikimedia has experienced strong, steady growth in both readers and editors since its inception, but the developing world is under-represented given it represents a large proportion of the world's population as well, as a rapidly growing percentage of internet users. [1]

The Middle East/North Africa region (MENA) is a large, newly industrialized region experiencing tremendous growth and development of the internet. There is huge potential for strategic growth in MENA.

The MENA Catalyst Project aims to develop open and collaborative approaches by which the Wikimedia Foundation can support the Wikimedia community in the MENA Region. The en:Wikimedia Foundation has no set agenda other than to see growth in our contributor community and readership in the MENA Region. Ultimately, the project will create a plan that recommends a set of initiatives and pilot projects that help advance our collective mission in the MENA Region and generates systems, processes, and methods for advancing Wikimedia in other geographic areas.