List of articles every Wikivoyage should have

There are a growing number of Wikivoyage projects, some very active and others quite stagnant. This list is intended as a guideline for those projects so that they will contain a minimum amount of basic, useful information. This way, people will be encouraged to use these projects and help in their growth. The articles should contain at least basic information on the topics they describe, thus providing a starting point for growth besides being a useful reference for the readers.

Top-priority entries, which are deemed especially necessary for any Wikivoyage to have, are marked in bold; like the list itself, these selections should not be viewed as dictating how important certain topics are, but only as a utility for smaller Wikivoyage editions to start from.

This list is limited to 1000 articles.


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Items most likely to be replaced

Based on pageview statistics + common sense, the following items currently on the list, are the ones most likely to be replaced if we find more notable sought after destinations/topics.

  1. Taba
  2. Akko
  3. Paris/4th arrondissement
  4. Paris/17th arrondissement
  5. Paris/16th arrondissement
  6. Paris/15th arrondissement
  7. Paris/14th arrondissement
  8. Paris/10th arrondissement
  9. Anaheim




North AmericaEdit


South AmericaEdit



Continents and Continental Regions (15 articles)Edit

  1. Africa
  2. Antarctica
  3. Asia
    1. Central Asia
    2. East Asia
    3. Middle East
    4. South Asia
    5. Southeast Asia
  4. Europe
    1. Central Europe
  5. North America
    1. Central America
  6. Oceania
  7. South America
  8. Arctic




Travel topicsEdit