List of Wikimedians by favorite color

Amber (w)Edit

Black (w)Edit

  • Alvaro ( because it's not a colour ;-)
  • sannse (until they invent a darker colour)
  • Smerdis of Tlön (hiss the villain!)
  • Fenkys (For girl's dresses only, otherwise blue)
  • JeLuF (black isn't a colour, it's a way of living)
  • gracefool
  • Nesi
  • DarkEvil (Black if you count it as a color, red if not)
  • Shreshth91 - why are people so eager to write something here anyways.
  • Seadog - The power of black astounds me. It speaks truth. Actuly White is my other favorite (pretty weird huh :)
  • Tanvir - Couldn't agree more than JeLuF; black is all around me.
  • 工藤/旻 - Black and blue and yellow lol

Blue (w)Edit

Powder blue (w)Edit

Pink (w)Edit

Cerulean (w)Edit

The colour of CoyboyNeal's skinEdit

  • IMSoP Sorry, but blame Nanobug above for putting the idea in my head; actually, I'm quite a fan of mauve...

Gray (w)Edit

  • Silume
  • Binadot - Gray is a thinking man's color. To hell with all those gaudy, politicized, emotion-laden hues!
  • Anonunit - I wish I could afford gray clothing. ;_;

Green (w)Edit

Blue. No, yel... Aiiiggghhh!!! (w)Edit


Octarine (w)Edit

  • It's a sort of yellowish-purple. Cyrius 01:59, 28 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Bogdan 20:17, 23 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • Obradovic Goran (Because it reminds me of the best storyteller who ever lived)

Orange (w)Edit

Purple (w)Edit

  • Paige (although I'm color blind, so I could just think it's red, but maybe it's really green)
  • Dr Bug
  • Reddi ( red-di = red eye? )
  • Krik
  • Lussmu dark red, wine red?
  • Webkid
  • Slowking Man
  • koavf Although, I always wear black...
  • Phoenix Hacker
  • Kizor
  • panosfidis
  • Air Transport Freak
  • Mertozoro - Hell yeah, red rocks!!!!!
  • OlEnglish - The color of passion
  • Knowledgebattle - I better love it now, because I'm going to every god's hell. Black and red is the best combination.
  • L10nM4st3r - I wear dark colours, exept red. Dunno why. But red stuff... Grew up with the stuff! My primary shool uniform? red. My water bottle? Red. Faverout pokémon type? Red I mean fire. Still red, though. My old room? I'm not even gonna answer that one. I think you can guess (no, it's not blue). ~~~~


White (w)Edit

  • zanimum a mix of all colours of light. I also like puce. But no one really knows what that is, so supporting in is technically void of purpose.

Dark whiteEdit

  • Factitious This page works best if everyone creates their own category for it.

Yellow (w)Edit

Zero Chrominance/Saturation (w)Edit

  • Neolux being a minimalist, this suits me fine. Although my clothing is predominately black. Except shirts and t-shirts which are white or black. And I seem to have a subconcious preoccupation with certain shades of blue. Particularly #003366. And green banknotes. They're fantastic!
  • R3m0t 01:31, 15 Feb 2005 (UTC) I never draw in colour.



Other colors and combinationsEdit

  • Sabbut I like the colors of ham and bacon pizza with triple cheese and no onion. Of course what I want most in this world is not to admire the visual effect of pizza, it's much better to just plain munch it, isn't it?. Anyway, it looks like my eyes are merging with my taste and smell, so I'll quit this before it gets worse....... (Oh... blue is so tasty and soft....) ........
  • Blue AND purple. A nice tealy-blue will do, too. But not orange! Bleahhhhh--- Elf 03:33, 4 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Ask me twice and you'll get three different answers. But orange is the stupidest color ever. --Yath 07:08, 20 Sep 2004 (UTC)
    • No, fuschia is. Orange is great in small amounts, like in a pen or beam-shaped object, as it should represent ambition. As for mine, they're at the bottom of the pigment wheel (plum), top of the light wheel (dayglo), then transposed into lilac and moss. Oh, hunter and currant float somewhere in between. Oh, anyone who has a primary as a favourite, especially those blue people, are mentally-deficient. (Explanation: Blue is like an idol to them, as a foothold and springboard to the opening of the future, related to their dependence on schedules, address books, politics, and gossip. They cannot break free of it, and see how uninteresting it is, after setting up the blueness in their mind as their mind so it can be out of their mind, without being called into their mind. These are people who have bourgeois potential.) lysdexia 10:34, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC)
  • Personally, I dislike orange as it doesn't taste nice, black is a nice colour, or lack thereof, bright pink is nice, or red, or bright blue for that matter, hmmmm...............*gets the feeling this could go on for some time*.......I'll stop now, before I bore everyone!!! Selphie 16:33, 20 Dec 2004 (UTC) **

You know what, blue is way better than any other color. If it wasn't so attractive, then people would not like it so much. I admit, people who idolize blue have about an IQ of 50, but that is no excuse to excersize your cruel opinions n the color itself. 02:12, 14 November 2006 (UTC)JonnyB*Reply[reply]

Sunwoo Lim -- Very dark blue (#16103B, Stygian blue-like), #C21061 and Rainbow. (and also This (#5F0606).)

Color blind (w)Edit


  • w:en:User:MyRedDice -- While this isn't actually his favorite color, he has requested that he be colored this by fellow Wikipedians. Actually, he wants us to "colour" him unimpressed, but that's only cause he's one of those weird people from across the pond who spell things strangely.
    • (which is silly, because Red would make more sense...)
      • (not really, his dice are red, not him...)
        • Hmm. I am tempted to start a new sockpuppet account User:MyBlueDice >;-) -- (anon)
      • Sure, so we colour him unimpressed, but doubtless his favourite colour is red, since that's how he coloured his dice! -- Toby Bartels 2003 Aug 26
        • (giggle)

No preferenceEdit

  • w:en:User:Rotem Dan I hate being asked for my favorite color. Or for any such arbitrary assertion regarding a loosely defined frequency band in the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. I think it is meaningless and absurd asking for superlatives that origin from one's psychological, socially reinforced preoccupation with some superficial, symbolic metaphor of color. I'd rather ramble about it, though :)
  • w:nl:Gebruiker:Ellywa As any color impression depends on its direct environment, there is no way I can answer this seemingly simple question. Re: stump page w:de:Johannes Itten, still missing on en:.
  • utcursch, a web-designer can never have a favorite color.
  • Aleksandrit
  • Midnight Gambler (I can't tell for sure)