List of Wikimedians by dominant hand

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  • Gunnala
  • Anonunit - I use my right hand most of the time, but if it's unavailable; I can use my left hand and/or almost anything else (feet, mouth, etc.)
  • Nichalp (inherited, I learnt about this when I was 3. ) I can do some things better with my left, such as batting and bowling in cricket. I sometimes also eat with my left hand. Nichalp 9 July 2005 18:31 (UTC)
  • User:Grunt - for most major activities I participate in I use both hands. For other activities I can use either hand relatively well (although the worldwide right-hand bias is taking its toll on me!)
  • Gurch - this is probably partly because I'm a piano player, so both hands get a lot of exercise.
  • Ochilov


  • Cimon Avaro. From 4 years old (left side facial paralysis) to mid thirties. Currently my right hand appears to right (sic!) legibly, if I concentrate very hard.
  • Martinman11 (Sports: Right Hand, Anything Creative (including writing):Left. I can write with both rather well but my left is more comfortable)
  • Allan Javier Aguilar Castillo
  • Ralgis - I like use my umbrella with my left hand and my fork with my right the same time.
  • TerraCodes