From 22nd to 25 th June 2005, Wikimedia was present at the Linuxtag 2005 in Karlsruhe, Germany. In his keynote at the 23rd, Jimbo Wales announced a cooperation with the KDE project which was arranged during the meeting at Linuxtag. The team at the booth (Mathias Schindler, Nina, Chb, Langec, zeno, Gustavf and Elian) was busy with answering questions from the visitors. Many people passed by and just said how much they love Wikipedia, while others complained why their articles were deleted. Incidentally, the article on de:LinuxTag was on VfD at that moment. People present there were also interested in the announced cooperation with KDE and what that means for the "programming of interfaces" for Wikipedia or Mediawiki in general. Also the "usual" questions where raised and could be answered sufficiently. We had nice chats with the lawyers from IfROSS and lots of Open Source developers. Our neighbours from the XBox project spontaneously decided to present on their Xbox there, our other neighbours were people from the linux audio project - so we had concerts throughout beside our booth. From Zeno who had to leave on too early on thursday I learnt that he had done a usability study on wikipedia at his university in London.

For the first time, we also had T-shirts as well as pins which were sold at the official Linuxtag merchandizing booth.

Text in the German Wikipedia: de:Wikipedia:Treffen der Wikipedianer/LinuxTag