Legal docs

The Wikimedia Foundation has produced a number of legal documents, some of which have been posted here on this wiki. In the interest of transparency, those already published are listed below; please also list others that are not yet published but should be.

  • Wikimedia Foundation non-disclosure agreements
  • The Wikimedia Foundation employee handbook
    Briefly posted to the wmfwiki. What needs changing before it can be shared? (If there are a few private bits they can be left out.)
    I guess there were some private parts (such as insurance policy numbers). But more to the point: I believe documents posted to (where I assume this lives) can't be posted by anyone to a public site without consent of... I don't know who.
  • Private wiki privacy policy (used on OTRS wiki,, etc.)
    Is this a single policy?
    I believe it's been copied around to various wikis.
  • Full text of large grant agreements
    There haven't been many large grants lately. The Stanton grant came up here. And it was never clear to me whether the Omidyar grant was with or without conditions. (I've lost the term for when a grant has strings attached or not.) Directed vs. undirected grants? So perhaps this would be better as "Full text of large directed grant agreements"? I think they're also sometimes Restricted/Unrestricted.
  • Full text of IEG agreements

In the coming years, it should become a priority for the Wikimedia Foundation's legal team to release these documents as fully as possible.